Greece: What Now?

The Greeks have elected a new government that many news reports paint as distinctly Marxist. That would be a big deal¬†normally. However, the implications of the new Syriza government’s threat to Greek debt repayment, the Euro and the rise of extreme politics in Europe is over shadowing concern about the return of the Communists. More

Dec 7th: The Day the Japanese Saved the World

What would have happened if Japan did not attack the United States on December 7th, 1941?

You would be right to be pessimistic. The Second World War was not going well for the existing allies when Japanese planes lifted off from their carriers in the mid-Pacific on December 7th.

The collection of countries still in the fight in 1941, Great Britain, the Soviet Union, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the rest of the British Empire as well as the disorganized, feuding factions in China, had not yet won decisively on the ground. Instead a mesmerized world had witnessed them suffer stunning defeat after stunning defeat.  Germany, Italy and Japan were running the table.